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PCM Announcements  

Revised Appraisal Fes: (10 July 2014)

Effective July 21, 2014, the revised appraisal fees listed below will apply:

1.) Conventional Appraisal Fee for Georgia Appraisals will be $375.00
2.) Standard Final Inspection Fees for all states will be $125.00

Please contact your PCM Account Executive with any questions!


New Submission Form: (1 July 2014)

We have created a new SUBMISSION FORM to expedite your loan through setup and help minimize underwriting conditions.

Effective July 1st, the new submission form must be included on all Conventional loans. Keep an eye out for new submission forms for all other file types in the near future!


PCM's New Pricing Structure: (2 June 2014)

In our highly competitive pricing environment with ever-narrowing margin, we are working diligently on our Agency relationships. Effective today (2 June 2014), our rate sheets will display separate pricing for FNMA and FHLMC. Initially, FHLMC pricing will be the best, but this can fluctuate between agencies as we negotiate contracts and underwriting variances. Please note, we will require LP on FHLMC and DU on FNMA.

Program codes in the lock system will be listed with trailing "LP" or "DU." For example, PCM30WLP or PCM30RDU.

Contact your PCM Account Executive if you need assistance signing up for DU or LP.