All files cleared for the CD and submitted to the Closing Department before 12:00pm local time will guarantee the CD to be sent out the next business day.
For Closing Packages, the cut-off times are:
Purchases: 3:00pm local time
Refinances:12:00pm local time
Jumbo Submitted On8/23/2016
Purchases Submitted On8/22/2016
Refinances Submitted On8/19/2016
PCM Announcements  

27 July 2016
Online IRS Transcripts are BACK!

The IRS now offers the ability for taxpayers to go online to www.irs.gov and print a copy of their IRS transcripts immediately.

Borrowers are required to set up a User ID and Password, answer some security questions and select the 'Record of Account'.

This feature allows borrowers to have a copy of their tax transcript in the file at time of submission or underwriting.

PCM will begin accepting borrower provided transcripts immediately in lieu of PCM or Correspondent ordered transcripts on files requiring direct tax return validation.

Please contact your Account Executive with any questions.